For Christmas this year, my family & I wanted to break tradition of a Christmas and New Years in Hong Kong and indulge in our first legitimate wintery wonderland-esque holiday. Much to my delight, with my extreme fear of flying, we opted to take the Eurostar to Brussels for a 4 day mini-cation. With absolutely no preconceived idea of what Belgium had to offer (apart from chocolate and beer), it was great to have no expectations and the ability to explore.

We spent the first day in Brussels and checked into The Queen Anne Hotel, located conveniently within a 10 minute taxi between the North, South and Central stations. Everything about our stay at The Queen Anne was perfect. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, the beds were unbelievable comfortable and location was a god send. I would highly recommend for anyone visiting Brussels who doesn’t have a large budget. The only downfall admittedly was having a satanic child staying across from us who was more than happy to scream it’s lungs for no apparent reason for about half an hour each morning.

20141223_104011 20141225_170709 IMG_20141223_122751

Our first day was spent walking around the centre, visiting the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, the Christmas Market (Grote Markt) and my most favourite of all, The Grand Place. The light show was magnificent! so so magical. It’s just one of the things where no explanation will do it justice.


On the second day, we caught an hours train to Antwerp, where my uncle resides. We spent the day tasting a variety of Belgian beer (Cherry Liefmans for the win!) and Glühwein (in our attempt to dodge the rain), wandering the christmas market to see the Silvius Brabo statue and finishing off the day with a lovely 5 course dinner at Jeanty’s.

IMG_20141224_224440  IMG_20141226_103836 IMG_20141224_223540 IMG_20141224_223752

On Christmas Day, we hopped one another train to Bruges. Bruges was filled with cobbled streets, chocolatiers and little beer factories. Such an enchanted little city.

IMG_20141227_203636 IMG_20141225_191146 IMG_20141229_103602 IMG_20141225_154955

We travelled back to Brussels for Boxing Day which we spent relaxing and wandering around before our train back to London. My experience of Belgium was one I had not expected and I’ve genuinely fallen in love with it’s town and cities (There are restaurants dedicated to varieties of chips. HEAVEN on earth).

Thanks mother dearest for a great christmas holiday. K


Men don’t take fashion advice from women

Most men I know don’t tend to take fashion advice from women too well. I can sort’ve sympathize with them… have you not seen some of the bizarre attire displayed on runways these days?!


If I were you, I wouldn’t take advice from them either. Especially from the people who have designed the monstrosities above. As men’s fashion in Hong Kong isn’t as popular as it is in Paris or the UK (I get it, fashion isn’t so important when you’re sweating buckets 24/7), the men’s sections in most stores here are very limiting. However, I feel that 3 stores in Hong Kong hold stylish men sections for affordable prices.


A great variety of simple yet classy shirts. Some great colors!


A wide range of printed T-shirts. Also Loving Zara’s Bermuda collection!


Jetting away somewhere tropical? Vist Forever 21 for all things summer.

I’m no Anna Wintour (Lads, Editor in chief of Vogue) but I feel like I know what looks good on a guy. I have searched these three stores and have found some summer looks which are comfortable, stylish & sexy. Now let me tell you one thing Misters, dressing well is one of the most attractive things ever and it can make a man like John C. Reilly as attractive as Ryan Gosling.