Weekend Blog – Lion’s Rock and Art Jamming.

EDIT: My 100th post! whooo!

Happy Monday Y’all! (I would literally never use ‘Y’all’ in real life and I now feel incredibly awkward haha.)

Anyways! The majority of this weekend was spent outdoors witnessing the beautiful weather Hong Kong had on offer whilst training for the upcoming Spartan Race in 3 weeks. I’m incredibly nervous for this race because I am by no means a runner, so much so that my boyfriend bought me some VS underwear to match my relationship with the action.

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Although the Spartan Race is only a 6km run, it also involves 20-25 obstacles which will require strength and endurance which I probably have more of than cardio respiratory endurance. As my training consists of high-intensity training, Bootcamp and Bear Camp once a week, I can’t say I feel too prepared! However, I am looking forward to being completely pushed out of my comfort zone mentally and physically and hey, who knows, I may actually enjoy it!

Saturday started with our weekend routine of Grit Strength @ The HIT ROOM. It was a pretty hard class but as I felt myself getting fitter, my motivation pushed me through to the end. It was probably the first class in my life where I hadn’t missed a single rep. With my endorphins running high, we agreed to go on a hike with some friends over on Kowloon side.

As we were making our way to the beginning of the route, my fatigue started to set in which left me wondering why I couldn’t have kept my damn mouth shut and spent my Saturday poolside. It took us a good hour and a half to get to Fei Ngo Shan in Ma On Shan Country Park and we set off on our merry way. After about 30 minutes uphill, we realized that the taxi dropped us off nowhere near the starting point of the hike and after an hour of extreme heat and grumpiness (on my part), we finally reached the beginning of the hike up to Lion’s Rock.


The views were spectacular and I can’t imagine how beautiful they would be at night. I would even say that these Kowloon sites rival The Peak.


I wouldn’t say the trail is challenging up until the last 20 minutes up stairs to reach the top. On the way down, we were fortunate to run into some jungle monkeys which was amazing to observe. They were totally unfazed by mass groups of passing hikers however, one did give me the stink eye whilst I was attempting to take a picture. They can be vicious so make sure you have no food or bags in your hands.


All in all, it was a great day and despite me being absolutely exhausted after 4 and a half hours of exercise that day, I would 100% recommend this route to everyone.
About 3.5 hours total
Difficulty: 6/10. Steep climbs towards the end.
Appreciation: 8/10. The Kowloon views were stunning, even on a smoggy day like we experienced.

Transportation: Get to Won Tai Sin MTR station, Exit B3. Don’t make the mistake of cabbing it from Choi Hung MTR station!

On Sunday we were hit with extreme jelly legs so we decided to take it easy and bring my dog squad for an easy walk up the mountain to get some blood pumping to the legs. Sometimes, I can’t get over what a beautiful place I live in and I hope to never take it for granted!


In the afternoon, my boyfriend had planned for us to go Art Jamming. As it was our first time, I had no idea what to expect. We turned up to Blush to find two spaces set up for us near the window of what looked like a flower arranging room. Our easels faced the busy concrete jungle of HK and it was such a relaxing experience. They provided little sandwiches and cakes, background music and were happy to help my boyfriend with his eager beaver questions on his brush strokes.


That’s it for this weekend. What did you get up to?




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