Excuse the random post!

It has become quite a bad habit of mine to neglect my blog whenever life gets in the way, which is proving to be a lot more often than not. I feel like I’ve been extremely busy the past few months which have put my little creative hobbies on the back burner. With 2016 here, I only hope to stick with my resolution to continue documenting my life on my blog and instagram (readers or no readers!) so years down the line, I can reminisce on all the good times.

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Over the christmas holidays, I felt that I had done nought but eat my body weight in chocolate and lounge around the house with family. I suppose that’s the way christmas should be but it has made it so much harder to get back into exercising and attempting to eat well. My first sessions back at BodyPump and Grit Strength were soul destroying and I could feel the strength I had worked hard to build up, leave my body in such a short amount of time. Despite this, I really did have a great christmas and was so happy to have my sis back in town! She is currently living in London and I do not get to see her half as much as I’d like to.


It was the first christmas in Hong Kong without my dad and our traditions did not seem right without him. However, there was one little thing that managed to take my mind off of missing my father and that was JEFF! We originally fostered Jeff (unfortunately he was named jeff before we fostered him and due to his cheeky personality, Jeff has just stuck) and after a week, we fell in love and the household just wouldn’t be the same without him!  He is loud and naughty, so unlike our other timid dog so the balance just feels right. Even though I adopted a puppy the day after the holidays started which I quickly realised was not the best decision I’ve ever made, the holidays are meant for total and utter relaxation, not sleepless nights and waking up to 20 conveniently placed dog shits.


Jeff the shit machine.


The time I did have off from my new fur baby, I spent catching up with friends and hiking my favourite trails on the island I live. I’ve done this route dozens of times but it really never gets old.

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As the christmas holidays are long gone, I feel like things have yet to slow down. I swear that half the people I know were born in Jan! Which only means one thing, brunches, brunches and rem, brunches. It was one of my friends birthdays last weekend which she hosted at Cafe Deco Pizzeria in Sheung Wan. It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised at both the food and the space.

It was $228 – Antipasti buffet + pancakes and $418 – Antipasti buffet + pancakes + 1 main + free flow alcohol for 4 hours. The Antipasti buffet was amazing with a wide variety of cold cuts, cheese, bread and other starters. I unfortunately didn’t take too many pics as I was too busy getting pissed on champagne! delish



The next day I roped my boyfriend into volunteering with me at the Discovery Bay Plaza. I’ve been volunteering with PALS for a couple months now and all the dogs are absolutely gorgeous!

Meet my favourite, Buzz. He is around 10 months old and looking for his forever home! How could you say no to that brown nose and bear like coat?



This is Toppa. A 3 month old pup looking for a family to call his own :)

For dinner we went to test out the new restaurant located in the North Plaza of Discovery Bay, MOOFISH which specialises in meat and fish (hence the name) I fell in love with a few dishes as well as the decor, such a chilled out space. We started out with the eggplant, pesto mozzarella balls, followed by the Tsing Tsao beer battered Fish and Chips and ended with what I could only described as heaven on earth. Pretzel and Hazelnut milkshake. mmmm



Collage 2016-01-21 21_13_45-1

Salmon burgers with avo, crumbed feta and caramelised onions//Sweet potato//Brussel Sprouts

Since Santorini, I’ve really grown to love Brussel Sprouts. I can’t say that I had ever tried them before this trip but these were summing’else. Drizzle the sprouts with olive oil and lemon juice and oven bake for 30 mins and grill for 10. When the edges are crispy, take them out and drizzle more lemon juice.





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