A Sai Kung weekend

Thankfully my boyfriend’s family resides in Sai Kung, which gave us a good reason to have a weekend escape from our Lantau normality. I absolutely love the Sai Kung area as I feel it has so much to offer from some of the best seafood in Hong Kong to the most beautiful beaches. The weather was perfect for a little bit of relaxation and few outdoor activities.

We arrived in Sai Kung early Saturday and decided to have lunch at Classified. We had heard nothing but good things about this chain so our expectations were set rather high.

Chilli fries with Chipotle mayo. 

Crispy Fried Chicken Club with chipotle mayonnaise. This sandwich had the potential to be fantastic but we can confidently say, we have never had chicken as disgusting as this. You should never feel like you’re chewing through cartilage.  It was such a disappointment considering I normally eat strictly Pescetarian and felt like having something different. I certainly won’t be going back there!

After leaving most of our order, we spent the afternoon swimming and playing pool at .COM.


.COM is a new establishment which has taken over AQUA +, located in Sai Kung Town. They offer Happy Hour every afternoon of the week and their bar snacks aren’t half bad!

The best nachos ever from .COM

My boyfriend has been yarping on about Seafood since we touched down in Hong Kong 4 months ago so we had to end the day with a trip to Sai Kung Pier.


Steamed Fish X Garlic and Chilli Shrimp X Yeung Chow fried rice

Today we woke up to another glorious day and made our way to Tai Long Wan. Despite living in Hong Kong for the majority of 25 years, I am ashamed to say after two previous attempts (due to being led in the wrong direction and protests blocking the entrance) , we had yet to witness the beauty that is Tai Long Wan! Instead of hiking for 3 hours from in 35 degree heat like our first attempt, we caught a taxi to Sai Wan Pagoda and walked 45 mins to Sai Wan Beach.

The walk wasn’t the slightest bit strenuous and the views were beautiful. Reaching the beach was the ultimate highlight of the weekend despite it being more crowded than usual. The water was crystal clear and the sand, powdery white. What more could you ask for really!


If you’re looking to visit Sai Wan or any of the other Tai Long Wan beaches, I would also recommend catching a 30 minute long-boat which also boasts the coast of Sai Kung and some amazing rock formations. The ferry ride costs between $130-150 per trip and tickets are purchased at the surrounding restaurants.

Thanks Sai Kung for such a wonderful weekend!