Tips for Model Newbies

Venturing into the modelling world

Ever since the sunday nights spent watching America’s Next Top Model with my mum and sister circa 2006, I have always had a strong interest in the modelling and editorial world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly blessed with the looks, height and figure one would require so I’ve taken the alternative route and have experienced an internship at a corrupt agency in HK and am now working as a booker for a wonderful agency in London. Summing up my time spent in this industry so far, I’ve come across my fair share of naturals, wanna be’s and developers and from my experience, here are things I’ve picked up along the way.

When in doubt, don’t fake it out. When it comes to castings, inner confidence is key. You don’t need to be extra loud or quirky to gain our attention. Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Whether you spend your weekends bird watching or dancing awkwardly to hipster tunes down Shoreditch.

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 Don’t lie about your height. We spend a lot of our time measuring and analysing bodies. We will know your dress size and height before you get the chance to even introduce yourself.

Always be on time, whether it be for a job or a casting which you should regard as a job interview. Impressions are everything in this industry and there will always be a model out there just as attractive as you and more willing to to take their job seriously. Yes you may have a perfectly semetrical face or hair like Robert Pattinson but time is money people. If you live in London, where tubes are being delayed left, right and centre, make sure to always contact the client, making them politely aware of the delay. And definitley don’t lie about why you’re late if your memories lacking.

Wear clothes and undergarments which are comfortable and plain. Don’t draw the attention away from yourself by sporting your feathery, neon, bird cage dress. For women, I would suggest a black or white spaghetti top and leggings making it easier to be measured in. And ladies, try to lay of the fake tan and heavy make up. Ever heard the saying, Less is more?

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Master your angles. Top models of today have spent countless hours in front of their bedroom mirrors, pulling faces even Cara Delevingne would be proud of. Photographers love a model who can move in front of the camera so leave any embarrassment at the door and study your face and body until it comes naturally . If the mirror isn’t working for you, try out a dance class or take numerous daily selfies (the only time this is acceptable!) For some inspiration check out Coco Rocha’s 50 poses in 30 seconds – 

Try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Think of your face and body as your skill, your product and expertise. No make up artist wants to spend an hour longer than usual attempting to minimise your bags from last nights Jeager bombs. Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day, keep active & healthy and get sufficient sleep (especially the night before a job)

and lastly, let go, relax and have fun. Inexperienced models tend to get very nervous (which is totally justified!) and start to tense up, normally with the mouth tensing up first, resulting in awkward faces. A way to fix this is attempt to make horse sounds with a closed mouth or having a good laugh. Don’t be afraid to try something new and take a risk. From the photographers point of view, you can never look too ridiculous. It’s better to have a few awkward posed frames then 100’s of the same look.