25 years of age.

Holy moly, I am 25 years old in 12 days. Twenty five years of age. It’s so strange to think that I left high school EIGHT years ago.

In the space of 365 days, so much has changed.

I lost my dad earlier in the year to cancer and my entire being and out look on life has changed. It was by far the hardest thing I have had to go through and I almost feel cheated in a sense that I had to experience it so early on in my life. It is something that you’ll have to deal with for the rest of your time on this earth and it truly never ever gets easier. 7 months on, the shock has started to disintegrate and I am able to process my thoughts and experiences. I have grown up and matured extremely fast in some ways but most importantly, It has never been so clear to me what is of importance and what isn’t.


Health has become more important than going out and getting bladdered because you feel it’s the social thing to do. True relationships have become much more visible and the ones which have added nothing to my life or aren’t supportive disappear into the background. I will never ever forget who was there for me during the worst year of my life to date. You truly realise whats important and treasure the time spent with others so much more.

Despite concerns from friends and family over my decision to move across the world to London to pursue a long distant relationship, It is by far one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. It was soon after my dad’s death and I didn’t want to be surrounded by constant reminders whilst grieving. I took a risk and although I miss Hong Kong an incredible amount, for now, London is where I need to be. Hopefully in the not too distant future, my lovely boyfriend and I will venture back to our hometowns together (if he can handle the amount of dogs i’m going to adopt from the rescue shelters)

I landed a job as a model booker at a small agency here in London. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the people I work with (model divas excluded). It’s refreshing to be working with an agency whom can run a business properly without cheating both models and clients unlike one’s I’ve worked for before in the 852.

I’ve travelled back to Pedreguer in Alicante where my family used to spend our summers. I have hiked in Kilsyth, halfway between Glasgow and Stirling in Scotland. I have seen the views from Edinburgh Castle and I have eaten more of London’s finest burgers than I thought possible.

IMG_5893 IMG_7288 IMG_7389

I have mastered the perfect English sunday roast. I have had some of my closest friends visit me on their stopovers. I have fallen in love with hot yoga, it’s ability to relax and centre me never ceases to amaze me. I have met my half brother for the first time who is the spit of my dad! I have continued to explore London and try as much food as possible (and put on a stone in the making)

photo 4 IMG_6023 IMG_6383

As sad as I am to say bye to being 24, I am so ready take on as many experiences as I can during my quarter life crisis. No. 25,  I am ready for you!