A friend of mine recently purchased a Groupon deal for 4 Muay Thai classes. The deal included classes for 2 people and luckily, I was asked to go along with her. Since returning from Thailand, I have found myself really missing training so I was practically running to Thaimatic.

Thaimatic is located on Paterson street, Causeway Bay (close to IKEA). It currently holds 3 trainers from Bangkok, who are friendly but at the same time, do not take any crap. (Much to my amusement, I enjoyed watching them give a group of giggling girls a hard time for not putting in any effort) My advice to anyone looking to give Muay Thai a go, go somewhere where you’re taught by Thai’s. It may be less of a cardiovascular workout/circuit, but when it comes to perfecting technique and really getting a feel for the sport/art, you will learn much more. Whilst I found the gym to be quite small and cramped, you do receive more 1-on-1 training than I had originally expected. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious and strenious, I’d recommend checking out JAB (Quite expensive but a great workout –

I’ve had to stop myself from comparing Thaimatic to other gyms because for HK $20 per hours session with the Groupon deal, you most definitely can’t complain…and to be honest, there isn’t much to complain about except for the receptionists organizational skills and obvious stink eye.

Recommended – Beginners looking for an introduction to Muay Thai and people who don’t want to spend a mass amount of $$$.

Address: Flat B, 2/F, Hyde Park Mansion, 53 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Tel: 3104 2221

Email :