Things I find tacky

I’ve definitely been found guilty to enjoying a few kitsch moments/items in my lifetime but these things just makes me squirm. Enjoy!

Releasing doves at weddings. I couldn’t think of anything worse than the utter shock of having a mass amount of birds fluttering around me, probably shitting all over my friends and family while everyone ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘ahhhhsss’. I don’t get it. It’s not beautiful nor impressive. Release a bunch of magic rainbow glittery unicorns and then we’ll talk….

Lense-less frames. Those godawful glasses Justin Bieber and every other newly puberty stricken teen wears need to be thrown into a large fire. Wearing lense-less glasses is just like supporting the wallabies…..there’s just no point.

This girl has a face you’d never get tired of punching.

‘Checking in’ at hospitals. I’m not exactly innocent in the checking-in department on Facebook, there was once a stage where I found excitement in tagging people in at some average restaurant..but checking yourself/a loved one in at a hospital or the doctors is just so wrong. Stop attention seeking, get off your phones and focus your time on attending to the person who’s there.

Nail Jewels..Why in god’s name…....Atleast their fingers are getting a good workout .

*Staring into each others eyes*couple pictures. Yeah we get it, you’re in love.. What I find extremely awkward isn’t posting it on Facebook… Its the 3-5 seconds you would’ve had to pose looking at each other. I’m embarrassed for you, I’m embarrassed for looking at it. Please take it down.

Posting model ‘books’ or ‘portfolios’ on Facebook . Yeah, you have pretty nice facial features and probably have an above average body but with more than half of the people i’ve met in HK having modeled at some point, being a model in the 852 isn’t anything to go writing to the papers about darling.

Happy Wednesday,