A friend of mine recently purchased a Groupon deal for 4 Muay Thai classes. The deal included classes for 2 people and luckily, I was asked to go along with her. Since returning from Thailand, I have found myself really missing training so I was practically running to Thaimatic.

Thaimatic is located on Paterson street, Causeway Bay (close to IKEA). It currently holds 3 trainers from Bangkok, who are friendly but at the same time, do not take any crap. (Much to my amusement, I enjoyed watching them give a group of giggling girls a hard time for not putting in any effort) My advice to anyone looking to give Muay Thai a go, go somewhere where you’re taught by Thai’s. It may be less of a cardiovascular workout/circuit, but when it comes to perfecting technique and really getting a feel for the sport/art, you will learn much more. Whilst I found the gym to be quite small and cramped, you do receive more 1-on-1 training than I had originally expected. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious and strenious, I’d recommend checking out JAB (Quite expensive but a great workout –

I’ve had to stop myself from comparing Thaimatic to other gyms because for HK $20 per hours session with the Groupon deal, you most definitely can’t complain…and to be honest, there isn’t much to complain about except for the receptionists organizational skills and obvious stink eye.

Recommended – Beginners looking for an introduction to Muay Thai and people who don’t want to spend a mass amount of $$$.

Address: Flat B, 2/F, Hyde Park Mansion, 53 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Tel: 3104 2221

Email :



It’s safe to say summer is over and with all the pool parties and weekly boozing slowing down (for some), one must ponder what do with their weekends. For those fresh out of university or on exchanges, this is the perfect time to experience new venues and creep out of your comfort zone.

Being a late bloomer, i only started clubbing at 17. For HK kids, 17 is pretty ancient especially for those who’ve been training their liver since they were 13 so you can imagine, me at 17 walking into club 97 for the first time, drinking Long Island Ice Tea for the FIRST TIME spelt trouble. To be honest, i think your first clubbing experience  can either be the best experience as an adolescent or it can go terribly wrong…the latter being the frequent path for most. Thankfully, i had a blast breaking it down on the dance floor solo and unstoppable while my mates were partnered up with their hookups of the night. While i thought i was an amazing dancer, the pictures didn’t say the same the next day.

Anyway, 4 years later with my liver well trained (more like damaged), i have found my preferences in clubs and music and as much as i used to love belting out “I got a feeling”, i now try my best to shun clubs which play top 40’s or clubs with MC’s shouting the same 2 words in a Louis Armstrong voice on crack.
If it’s for a piss-take night with 10 people out for a ‘Jol then i’ll consider but will have to consume at least 6 tequila shots and a few JD Cokes until I’m paraletic and incapable of hearing the music.
So it’s here that i present to you, a few of my recommended spots for quality music and atmosphere.

Establishments like XXX, Drop and Midnight (previously called Yumla) are strengthening HK’s undergound music scene offering house/techno minimal/dubstep/dnb music etc. My love for these types of genre developed after a year well spent in Beijing. I grew to love techno minimal and house so when i returned to HK i naturally scoured HK’s nightlife for venues playing this music. I highly recommend the above mentioned venues for underground music lovers. Another hidden gem, is JB’s lounge located on the 3rd floor of Ho Lee building next to VOLAR. This quaint club hosts a variety of gigs including drum’n’bass nights by HEAVY HK and house nights from 1am onwards on Saturdays.
Check out the FB pages here for details on events and addresses:



Another venue offering a variety of tunes from mashup to dubstep and dnb is FLY which is tucked around the corner from the FCC (Fringe Club). This club is often missed by new club goers as the location is seemingly difficult for people to find but once found, you’re ensured a good night (IF it’s not too crowded.) The patio and area outside makes it easier for people to hangout if the club is stifling and packed thus, creating a chilled out setting making it easy to meet people.


For those looking for exclusivity and something edgy, VOLAR is highly recommended ensuring top quality music considering they have a lounge side catering to hip hop/RnB lovers and a club side for house, techno minimal followers. Due to the exclusivity of the club, mainly members or those on guestlist are granted entry which can cause biased opinions about this club though, considering VOLAR has been praised over the past 8 years, has catered to VIP’s and brought in renowned DJ’s this is a quality club.


For those looking for a new clubbing experience rather than a particular genre offered, here are a couple of new venues which have opened recently. Just above Dragon-i on Arbuthnot road is a new concept club named Taboo. On the outside, it seems like a demure restaurant or cigar bar but once passing  through an automatic wooden door  behind the reception, you’re presented with a lengthy bar painted in white and plush seating against the walls. Further in you will find a large white piano on the ceiling. I would strongly suggest not to hang out under the piano just in case…
Downstairs, is a darker, loungey area with a burlesque, erotic setting. When i say erotic borderline kinky that’s probably because of the public glass cage/box on one side where a dancer undulates and dances. Not really my thing but for guys indulging in voyeurism in the dark, this might be for you…..

Check out the FB page :

Another new venue is Socialito, a new Buzz Concepts venue linked with FLY and VOLAR. The Mexican/Latino venue has an outdoor diner “Taqueria” offering taco treats and refreshing alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Inside is a dimly lit restaurant which transforms into a  night club after 11pm resonating funky, Latino house. Though a bit pricey, the cocktails are delicious and have a good kick worth the bucks. This place is a good place to start the night before venturing to other bars on Wyndham Street.

FB page:






Though not new, PLAY is a good venue if you’re up for a night of theatrics, popping LOTS of bottles, watching dancers on podiums and dressing up for themed nights. Recently, they launched Magic Mike Wednesdays (given the hype of the film) where ladies indulge in sweet treats and drinks and men give lap dances to ladies before 10pm on Wednesdays. If you’re down to get jiggy with macho men after work on Wednesdays, come on by.
Check out the pictures here:






Stay tuned for my next post on hidden hangouts along Hollywood road and lower Soho.

Karina C

Things I find tacky

I’ve definitely been found guilty to enjoying a few kitsch moments/items in my lifetime but these things just makes me squirm. Enjoy!

Releasing doves at weddings. I couldn’t think of anything worse than the utter shock of having a mass amount of birds fluttering around me, probably shitting all over my friends and family while everyone ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘ahhhhsss’. I don’t get it. It’s not beautiful nor impressive. Release a bunch of magic rainbow glittery unicorns and then we’ll talk….

Lense-less frames. Those godawful glasses Justin Bieber and every other newly puberty stricken teen wears need to be thrown into a large fire. Wearing lense-less glasses is just like supporting the wallabies…..there’s just no point.

This girl has a face you’d never get tired of punching.

‘Checking in’ at hospitals. I’m not exactly innocent in the checking-in department on Facebook, there was once a stage where I found excitement in tagging people in at some average restaurant..but checking yourself/a loved one in at a hospital or the doctors is just so wrong. Stop attention seeking, get off your phones and focus your time on attending to the person who’s there.

Nail Jewels..Why in god’s name…....Atleast their fingers are getting a good workout .

*Staring into each others eyes*couple pictures. Yeah we get it, you’re in love.. What I find extremely awkward isn’t posting it on Facebook… Its the 3-5 seconds you would’ve had to pose looking at each other. I’m embarrassed for you, I’m embarrassed for looking at it. Please take it down.

Posting model ‘books’ or ‘portfolios’ on Facebook . Yeah, you have pretty nice facial features and probably have an above average body but with more than half of the people i’ve met in HK having modeled at some point, being a model in the 852 isn’t anything to go writing to the papers about darling.

Happy Wednesday,