The world’s most awesome jobs.

Having recently quit my job, I have found myself in quite a rut. Most people could easily take a month of two off, polluting their minds with mind numbing TV and spending their days rolling around in those heavenly sleep clouds we call beds. But unfortunately I am not one of them. Whilst my guilty pleasures do include reality television and occasionally being super lazy, I also experience extreme cabin fever and boy, have a had it bad this last week.

Applying for jobs has to be one of the most tedious and boring activities known to man and in hopes of keeping me sane/occupied, I have constructed a list of things of the most awesome jobs in the world, which I will probably never have…..

An Island caretaker. You’re pretty much paid to live in paradise and write about it, in hopes of attracting tourists. You’re duties include exploring the island, testing out its restaurants/activities and relaxing in the sun.

A resort water slide tester. Testing out waterslides at various resorts. Although it sounds like it could be dangerous at times, it’s a risk I’d definitely be willing to take.

-Chocolatier. According to Godiva, their top chocolatiers can earn between $700,000-$800,000 a year to MAKE AND EAT CHOCOLATE.

Brazilian body painter – (One for the men!) Paid to paint beautiful naked bodies, all day long. Keen?

A luxury bed tester….What dreams are made of, quite literally.

ah, if only…