I love you Hong Kong…but you do need:

Om K.

–       A super club, which isn’t filled with pretentious models and sleazy old men. It would also be nice to be in a place that didn’t either play tunes from 3 generations ago, dupstep or about making dough, bitchezzz and cars.

–       A nandos.

–       Proper music festivals. Here’s hoping Clockenflap…

–       More skate parks/venues for teens to hang out.  You can’t expect people not to skate where they please when they’re not given too many places to do so.

–       Better TV! I’m sorry Star world but if the next time I turn on the television and have to hear annoying little Australia chefs I may just jump off my balcony.

–       An easily accessible,good-sized rock venue for local bands to showcase their material. Have you seen how many The Wanch can hold?

–       Deodorant, which actually stops you from sweating. It exists in the UK! I’m sure the chemicals aren’t too good for your body but think of how much more pleasant riding the MTR would be…

–       People who hold the door for you

–       Uncomplicated costumer service/banks/phone company hotlines. If you’re customers always come first, we do we have to dabble through many minutes of bullshit to speak to someone?

–     to actually implement the no spitting ban through the streets of HK. I have yet to see someone fined for spitting…

Claire Owen.