6 People I envy



Envy & Jealously are two words I try to keep my mind away from… but sometimes there are people and situations you just can’t help but feel it towards. Here are mine:

1. Morning people. How I wish I didn’t look and feel as bad as a Justin Beiber song every single day….Every morning is a battle for me, hatred pours out of me at the speed of light at the sound of my alarm. I’ve started to hear more and more of these strange creatures that have time to make breakfast (who has an appetite that early anyways?!) , exercise and apply layers of make up to their perfectly caked faces. WHAT TIME MUST YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TO BED?


2. People who know what they want to do in life and are on they’re way to getting it. With a CV full of jobs I’ve despised, finding my preferred career path right now is like trying to contract water from a stone. Could someone please invent a job which allows me to spend all day drawing and listening to music, while being able to look after puppies, horses & monkeys??

3. People who can speak other languages. Not only do you automatically seem more cultured and intelligent, you get to secretly speak about people in front of them without them knowing.

4. Good singers. Music is quiet a big part of my life, I wake to it & I fall asleep to it, I just can’t get enough of it. You could sing me a harmonious edition of ‘ABC’ and you’ll have my undivided attention. Ask me to sing a song and you’ll need medical attention.

Men. Let’s no go into too much detail here but you don’t have to give birth, wax or wear high heels. AND you can pee standing up….to me that sounds fun.

6. Stupid people. Fewer questions mean less worry. With our precious earth on the road to self-destruction, Ignorant really is bliss.


on a brighter note, FRIDAY IS NEAR :)