Why i’m looking forward to summer being over.

I love summer. I love the feeling of summer, I love the smell of summer, I love the weather during summer, I love going on holiday…… I just flat out love everything about summer. However, now that I’ve been out of uni for over a year, I feel its time to board the grown up train (or at least pretend to..) and stop feeling obligated to continue following university holidays and join the rat race.

Now that summer is coming to an end, instead of dramatically engulfing myself with the post summer blues I’m going to welcome autumn with open arms…and here are a few reasons why.

A Drop in temperature. Don’t get me wrong now, I love the warmth and I will never take it for granted after living through 3 UK winters… but my god, it’s going to be great not sweating buckets during the simplest of tasks. Save money on amounts of deodorant & lower water bills – winning!

No more jealousy issues. Now that I’m working 10-6 I often find myself stumbling upon numerous instgrammed pictures of people at various pools/beaches around HK. I finally understand the pain of constantly being reminded that you are stuck in an office whilst others are out there loving life, soaking up the rays. So uni/high school students/teachers, please do me a favor and kindly eff off back to where you came from :)


Detox. Finally I can give my body a break. Good riddance pool parties, junks, ladies nights. You will no longer give me a FOMO. And please, enough with the  YOLO’ing. I’m going to YOLO myself back into bed and prevent myself from liver failure.


Hibernation. I’m not talking about me here, I’m talking about the rancid little creatures (spiders & snakes) that feel the need to pop up when I least expect them. I want to go back to the time where I could walk the mountains freely without nearly stepping on cobra heads and living without the fear of spiders crawling on my arms while I sleep.

At last, HOLIDAYS. HALLOWEEN, FOOD. THANKSGIVING, FOOD. After autumn comes winter…and what happens during winter? ...CHRISTMAS! even more food.


The time of the year where its fully acceptable to play shitty music, eat as much as we want, actually get on with our families and pretend like we don’t really care about presents. (I LOVEEEEEE PRESENTTSSSSSSSSSS.)

So tar tar now summer, I’ll somewhat miss you.