My experience at a Muay Thai Gym

I’ve always been one for a challenge and even though I pathetically found not drinking for a month hard, it just wasn’t the life changing experience i had been looking for. So after a friend suggested partaking in this Muay Thai madness, I couldn’t not tag along!

I had one of the best and most physically challenging 2 weeks I’ve ever had and would highly recommend this to anyone. However, before even thinking about it, have a read through 10 things to expect whilst staying at a Muay Thai Camp:-

1. EXPECT – Limited security. The doors could be opened using the fork and windows broken so I wouldn’t suggest taking anything of high value. I also didn’t take comfort In the fact that there were no guards at the camp! but then again who in their right minds would want to rob a camp filled with a high number of experienced fighters?

2. DON’T EXPECT – A constant array of smiley faces . Don’t get me wrong, I met some really great people over the 14 days.. but don’t expect everyone to warm to you straight away. Remember, you’re at a camp where people have to wake up at 7 to do 2 hours of exercise before you can even mutter the words BREAKFAST… as well as endure a good beating in the afternoon. Who in their right minds would be cheery Charlie’s 24/7 ?

3. EXPECT – lack of sleep. Let me get one thing straight, your pillow will NOT be your friend. Just as you feel yourself dozing off, you’ll hear jab after jab, kick after kick. But you’re in Thailand. Get off your backside and go explore all that magestic Thailand has to offer!

4. EXPECT – Basic Accommodation – I’ve luckily stayed in such a wide range of hospitality over my glorious 22 years and I know a few of my high- maintenance friends would not dare book a room we stayed in but you’re not there to be pampered or waited on.

Apart from the occasional trail of ants throwing a party on your pillow or the cement-esque bed, It’s really not that bad at all. In order to grow, sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone.

5. EXPECT – Sweat. Living in Hong Kong, I constantly sweat bullets even walking into an air conditioned room, however this really is another story. All i can say is, bring as much underwear and deodorant as you can.

6. EXPECT – Eye candy. Sometimes you just need a good ole’ distraction. Watching beautiful buff men spar and grapple each other kept me somewhat giggly in times of exhaustion/muscle pain.

7. EXPECT – Increased strength & muscle pain. Watch out arrogant rugby men whom slither around SOLAS, don’t expect me to not uppercut your face into a broken nose :)

Mike Davis

8. EXPECT – Fun, laughter and ‘banter’!
Challenging yourself everyday gives you an unexplainable thrill. You become stronger than you were the previous day, mentally and physically. You meet a bunch of new people, build great friendships with the brilliant trainers and learn a lot about yourself and you’re own strength.

I’m so grateful for the experiences and friendships I built over such a short time and can’t wait to book in a months training next year…..

So, If you’re looking to do something different and don’t mind a challenge, Book yourself into SINBI Muay Thai, Nai Harn, Phuket.

For more info, check our their Facebook page –


Date Ideas – Hong Kong (Part 1)


Firstly can I just say, where the bloody hell has the romance and chivalry gone in Hong Kong? 

I don’t mean to generalize here but I can count on one hand, the amount of times most of my friends have been on dates (and they’re a good-looking & intelligent bunch!) Hong Kong just seems to lack in the dating department. These days the most romantic gesture to come out of our generation is being bought a Jager Bomb at Carnegies and thats if you’re lucky!

So for all you closet romantics/horny buggers out there, I’ve constructed a short list of fun dates to take your significant other on:-

Hong Kong Park – Have a wander round this $398 million venue and gander at the waterfalls, Koi fish, Tai Chi Garden, Olympic Square, The Vantage Point and the Aviary . There’s an extremely relaxing atmosphere circulating this park and so much to do. For the calm couples. (


Art Jam – Located in Central & TST. Art Jam provides the canvas, paint and materials for a chance to show off your skills! Allows you to B.Y.O.B. And remember ……with wine, comes inspiration. For the creative couples. (


Laser quest – Right. I know most of you girls wouldn’t dare suggest laser tag but hear me out…. Running around a dark room trying to shoot your opponents, is somewhat mysteriously exciting and sexy. Also a great way to develop team work between the two of you! This laser tag company is also mobile, so they can come to you. For the adventurous couples . (

 Aqua Lunar – English afternoon tea on an exotic Chinese Junk, dim lighting with the view of the harbor. Couldn’t think of anything better. (Unless its raining of course) For the extremely romantic couples.


Cheung Chau – Hop on over to Pier 5 ferry terminal located in Sheung Wan to this buzzing traditional fishing village. Rent bikes, taste great seafood, shop for handmade crafts and visit hidden caves. Just get lost. For the couples who love to explore. 

Cheung Sha Beach


Cheung Sha Beach is located south of Lantau Island. Stretching around 2.5km, Cheung Sha is known to be the longest beach in Hong Kong and to celebrate the long weekend, we found a trip to this beach rather fitting. Packed with 4 bottles of Park ‘n’ shops cheapest wine and desperation of building our tans, we caught a 20 minute bus from Mui Wo to Upper Cheung Sha.

While I feel that this beach isn’t the most scenic beach in Hong Kong, it did provide most of the essentials. Beach chairs, umbrellas and float’s are all available to rent as well as snacks, public showers & toilets and even a variety of restaurants located at the beginning of lower Cheung Sha. I would recommend visiting The Steop for jugs of sangria and South African platters. (


How to get there:

* Mui Wo ferry from Central Pier No. 5 -> Board bus 1 or 2 bound for Tai O.
* MTR to Tung Chung board bus No.11 to Tai O.

For people who: Enjoy the peace and quiet, BBQ’s, Windsurfing and soft sand.

Beach Scale : 6/10

Our Weekend


Our Weekend consisted of various parties. A typhoon party (DOKSURI, what a pathetic excuse of a T8 you were), a birthday party, a leaving party and in my head, an end of the week party. The vodka soda’s were flowing, along with my interesting dance moves across Solas.

After overcoming the devastating effects of the typhoon, we spent most of our time recovering poolside. Nothing beats HK on a beautiful day like this! Hope you all had a good weekend!