Reasons I love typhoons

Living in Hong Kong, we’ve seen it all. From bipolar weather conditions to locals urinating in drains in the middle of busy roads. And as Honkies, we love
to complain about the weather.

If there is a god, he sure does have a sense of humor. A severe typhoon over our way over the weekend AND a public holiday. However, I can’t help but get excited tracking one and DOKSURI my new friend, you have yet to let me down.

5 reasons I love typhoons (which most people around the world would fear)

1. One of the more important reasons = typhoon parties. These consist of Low drink prices, dodging falling trees and dancing in the rain . What’s not to like ?

And if you’re already in Wan Chai, hit Typhoon for free/cheap drinks until the No. 8 has been lowered.

2. I can finally hit Cotton On and H&M sales without having my claws out at the ready. Hk has got to be one of the most stressful places to shop.

3. The calm before the storm: A sexy mist covers Hong Kong which makes me feel like a badass dare devil walking the streets of central.

4. I have an excuse to sit in bed all day and watch mind numbing reality TV. The new series of Geordie Shore is out, Cancun special SAY WHAT?

5. It’s a glorious dent in my rather dull routine, a T8 is never boring. 

So to everyone annoyed at the fact that Doksuri is edging closer by the minute, open your arms and EMBRACE IT. You might just end up having a great time.

Have a good weekend,