Dragon Boat Festival – Discovery Bay

As most of you are aware, Saturday was one of Hong Kong’s favorite festivals. For many expats, it means a day of drinking on boats/beaches and watching teams race traditional chinese dragon boats. Rooted from southern China as an ancient folk ritual, contending villagers have raced for over 2000 years.

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have spent the day on Discovery Bay Beach and it was something I have always wanted to be part of. At the age of 22, I finally bit the bullet and signed up to compete. After two months of early saturday and sunday morning training sessions (mostly hungover), it was time to hit the water.

It was a great day filled with excitement, energy drinks and aching muscles. Growing up in the 852, it was great to form a connection with local tradition and as tiring as it was, it felt great. Already can’t wait for next year!