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When I first heard my friend Sam, say he would be embarking on a intensive 12 week body building program my initial thought was regrettably, doubt. Don’t get me wrong, I  support my friends 100% in anything they take on but 3 months without alcohol, an extremely strict diet, high level intensity lifting 5 days a week and cardio 7 days. It just seemed impossible to me because quite frankly, Sam’s lifestyle didn’t exactly mirror this.

The regime Sam adapted was the 12 week plan by Kris Gethin. The workout split works on chest & triceps, back & biceps, legs, calves & abs and shoulders including 2 x 20 minute cardio sessions a day. Food intake focuses on eating every 2-3 hours equaling to 6-7 meals a day, consisting of various protein (fish, poultry, steak, egg whites and protein powder), carbs (sweet potato, brown rice, wheat pasta and oats) and natural fats.

The motivation and strength I witnessed over the next 12 weeks was extremely inspiring to me and I feel that his determination could inspire others to achieve their own personal goals.

What first attracted you to the program?

Before I go into what kickstarted me into this program from hell i’ll tell you a little about myself leading up to the beginning of the 12 weeks. In November 2009 at the age of 18 I was diagnosed with a disorder called alopecia totalis. (Alopecia totalis is the loss of all head hair. Its causes are unclear, but it is currently believed to be an autoimmune disorder. Stress is sometimes thought to be a contributor in alopecia areata.) Before the diagnosis I weighed 115kg and unfortunately it was mostly fat. Over the next year I decided I needed to do something about it so I started to walk up the DB mountain and limited my diet to a smoothie in the morning, apple at lunch and steak at dinner. In just seven months my weight was down to 76kg and my hair was starting to grow back but, I soon realised that I was so skinny that I looked ill, I also still had the same amount of body fat as I did when I was 115kg.

I focused the next couple of months on gaining my weight back simply by eating, drinking and occasionally going into the GYM and sure enough in 3 months I was back up to 100kg. Although the gut that had followed me through the past couple of years had, unfortunately, stayed with me. I realised that all the programs on the internet are pretty accurate when they tell you to do your cardio and eat your meals (often up to 8 a day!)

I was ready for my next challenge and this time I was going to do it by the book! A friend mentioned this program to me and at first, I read through it and soon realised that I was subconsciously cutting deals with myself. Deals like; “I will do 3 weeks without alcohol and then go back to normal but still stick the program.” After dwelling on these deals for a few days I thought to myself 12 weeks of my life, its not the longest time when you think of it in relation to your life. So I decided to go all out and push myself to the limit. I read a few corny inspirational quotes, (“Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty, and pride.” – Vince Lombardi worked quite well.) I haven’t looked back.

Anyway that’s why I started this 12 week program from hell. I have two weeks left haven’t had a drop of alcohol, haven’t smoked a single cigarette and have kept up with my cardio, gym work and eating plan. So far I have lost 7kg, it may not seem like a lot when I compare it to the 30 odd kilos I lost before but this time around it is fat I am losing not muscle.

How has your body changed?

My body has changed dramatically! It is the only time IN MY LIFE that my extremely shy abs have shown themselves. I am also a thousand times more fit than I have ever been and my overall BMI has dropped considerably.

What was your biggest struggle?

The most difficult parts of the program for me were keeping up with my meals and cardio- I personally have never been one to enjoy cardio in fact I find it extremely boring! But I realised that if you focused on the big picture (not the 50 minutes of cardio you’re doing each day) time would fly by. Having a gym partner has also made it a lot more achievable.

Did the program affect your state of mind?

The change that I have felt the most was surprisingly not my physical change but my mental change, I have felt more far more comfortable in myself which has lead me to push my limits both at the GYM and at work (I have even started my own enterprise, a fishing camp for kids which has so far been very successful.)

Are you happy with the results?

I am extremely happy with my progress! It has only been 12 weeks and it feels like I have 12 months of results.

What have you learnt from the program?

This program has taught me a lot. It has shown me how important your diet is and that eating more is often good!The most valuable thing however is the mental gains that this program has brought about, It really pushes you in all departments. I realised that I could push myself through the toughest of times just by having the right attitude and I found that I could apply this to all situations in and out of the GYM which has really helped my productivity.

What tips would you give anyone interested in the program?

If you are thinking about starting any program or even looking to get fit this is the program for you! It is tailor made for both men and women and for all ages (I have even got my mum thinking about it so no excuses!) This program is really helpful and keeps your commitment as he (Kris Gethin) is doing it every step of the way with you.

 For those interested in finding out more about this program visit – Many thanks to Sam. 



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