On a monday, my Facebook & Twitter pages are constantly filled with people complaining about the first day of the week, Monday. For people across the world, every single working monday feels like the end of the world. (Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely guilty of a few fed up monday status updates in my life time.)

Personally, the only part of Monday I really really loathe is waking up. Monday’s seem to go relatively quickly for me as i’m normally quite busy planning the week/answering emails/stalking twitter etc…but Tuesdays are a whole different story. To me, Tuesday is a second Monday, you can’t say to yourself ‘Yay, its the middle of the week’ like you can on a Wednesday, you can’t witness that exciting atomsphere that circulates the workplace on a Thursday because it’s a day away from Friday. Tuesday is just a longer version of a Monday. So to help any readers tackle those Tuesday Blue’s I’ve constructed a list of things you can do to make that repeated-asshole of a day seem that little bit brighter.

1. In the morning, When your first foot steps out of bed say out loud ‘Thank’ followed by the second foot ‘You’.  Be thankful you have a bed and a roof over your head. Be thankful for the delish food you’re going to experience today which others in the world struggle to find. Be thankful for your health. Be thankful for your two arms and legs you still have, which take you various places throughout the day. Be thankful you have a job when unemployment rates are soaring high all around the world. Be thankful for your friends and family and people you love. Be thankful that you’re still alive.

2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier. Pick out your favourite outfit, look in the mirror and repeat ‘Morning you sexy bitch!’. Girls, Spend a little more time on your make up. Boys, spend a little longer on your hair. Wear some of your expensive perfume/aftershave. Feel attractive and confident.

3. For Lunch, meet up with a friend and go to that restaurant you’ve be meaning to try or pick up your favourite sandwich from Pret A Manger . Satisfy those taste buds with something scrumptious!

4. Exercise after work. End your day on a high and get those endorphins flowing. Not only will this leave you going to bed happier but will also make getting up on Wednesday that little bit easier.

5. Browse Pinterest. Type in any word or theme you like and look through images. I’ve found motivational quotes to inspire me to go to the gym, great food recipes, DIY jewelry I hope to attempt and Illustrations that have inspired me to pick up my sketchbook. Go look for inspiration for any area of your life.

6. Buy something new. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. From a magazine to a notepad.

7. Write an email/facebook message to someone you haven’t caught up with in a while.

8. Look forward to the next weekend. Set plans.