To all the unhealthy snackers out there…

Like most HKG’ers, I’m sure we more often than not tend to grab whatever food items we can, throughout our fast paced days in this beautifully busy city. With energy levels sinking due to this damn humidity, it seems easier to pick up items of sugary bliss and fat fillers instead of purchasing energy boosting fruits and vegetables to help us carry on with our day.

Personally, the reason I don’t eat as much fruit as I possibly could is because I feel that eating an apple/orange/banana is a lot of effort. From the peeling to the slicing, it just does my head in, especially when I’m trying to to get in my five a day. So recently I have started to experiment making a variety of smoothies to bring to work. I have to say…I was not disappointed. Not only were they so tasty, they gave me such an energy boost kickstart to my days! They were great for breakfast and in between meals, incredibly filling and nutritious. Easy to make, delicious, affordable and so refreshing. Winning.


My favorite smoothie to date (pictured above) … watermelon, pineapple, orange juice and crushed ice. 


So this summer ladies and gents, pick out your favorite fruits (experiment if you dare) and toss them in a blender with a handful of crushed ice. If you’re looking for some inspiration, head on over to and take your pick!

and to all you extra busy bee’s, drop by MIX to get your smoothie/fruit juice fill!

Located in The Landmark,Citic Tower, Queen’s Rd, Central. Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wan Chai.